Meaning of Bead Colors

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Meaning of Bead Colors

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This is not a color. It swallows up all other colors. It shields the wearer from outside energy.


Promotes optimistic mood and self-confidence. Impresses the wearer to be enthusiastic, happy, sociable, energetic and adventurous. This color is thought to be protective, brings luck and expands ones awareness of self-worth.


Brings forth self-confidence, vitality, sexual energy, passion and courage.


Associated with prosperity, hope, harmony, healing and ripening. It impresses the wearer to be understanding, nature loving, generous, humble and self-controlled. 


Color is associated with comfort, security, practicality. It impresses the wearer to be practical, down to earth, calm and successful.


Symbolizes wisdom/knowledge, clarity, increases awareness and calms the nerves. The ability to perceive and understand.


Promotes with unconditional love, romance, purity, femininity, and healing. Impresses wearer to be calm, sensitive, friendly and lovable.


Associated with knowledge, healing, peace, truth and harmony. It is said to symbolize faith, devotion and deep insight.


Allows for deep perception and intuition. It is associated with power, inspiration and royalty. Enhances inner peace while addressing stress.


Associated with neutralizing, wisdom and communication. It can be used to amplify all other colors.


Is a unification of all the colors of the rainbow. It opens you up to the energy that is around you.