Perfectly Waisted by Angela


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Here are some frequently asked questions that we received from our customers.
  • Do I need to know my waist size for ordering and are they adjustable?
  • No, you don't need your waist size. We offer two types of waist beads.

    Our first type are "tie-offs" which are beads on a regular string that customers will tie on their waist and cut the excess string off. These will help gauge weightloss.

    Our second type are "stretch" waist beads. These are on a stretch cord and can be pulled up. This type is used as a statement or fashion waist piece, they can be put on and removed as much as you'd like.

  • Are the beads only used to track inches loss?
  • Although, most of the customers used the beads to track inches loss, Perfectly Waisted beads may be used as a fashion statement. Both men and women find them appealing. If a stylish accessory is what you are looking for, consider purchasing our stretch beads that can be removed daily.

  • What can I do in the beads?
  • All daily activities including: bathing, eating, sleeping, and exercising can be comfortably accomplished while wearing your waist beads.

  • How often do I need to exercise?
  • This solely depends on you and your preference. More lifestyle changes, when done constantly, may give visible results quicker! You will feel so accomplished seeing your beads become more loose!

  • How many can I wear?
  • You may wear as many as you are comfortable. Stacking the beads is beautiful option. Customers may want different colored beads to embody all the moods and feelings they want while on their weightloss journey.

  • Can I take the beads off?
  • Our tie-off beads are not removable unless cut off. We encourage customers to only remove them when they become too big or if they seem very uncomfortable. The stretch beads, which use an elastic cord, are able to be removed.

  • Are your beads for all ages and size?
  • Yes, Perfectly Waisted beads can be utilized by anyone who wants to purchase them for a fashion statement or weight loss.